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Mike Schorah writes Discovering Life Together logo.

I used to think that becoming a Christian was as simple as switching an electric light switch on: either it was on or off; there was electricity flowing or not; you'd 'prayed the prayer' or you hadn't; bluntly, you were going to heaven or hell.Brighter Switch image.

Now I understand that the light switch is only part of the picture. Rather than being a conventional light switch, we should think of using a dimmer switch (why isn't it called a "brighter switch"?!). We still need to switch on, have electricity flowing through the system, pray the prayer of commitment to the Lordship of Jesus. However, if that's all we do we've missed the point.

We are saved for a purpose, to perform the works which God has prepared in advance for us to do. We're meant to grow and mature over time, to be discipled. The only difference is that the brighter switch has an end point beyond which the light can get no brighter, but as Christians we can never attain the perfection of Jesus, we can never shine as brightly as the light of the world. But that shouldn't stop us from trying.

In the UK we're facing the task of preparing culturally appropriate discipling materials. In terms of a fundamental approach, we either try to convey doctrine or values. We have to go for the values, because doctrine is useless unless it leads to changed lifestyles (James 2:17). Here is a sample of the first few weeks of a discipleship programme. Each topic will be covered in five minutes per day over just five days per week... We've started with a blank sheet of paper, and are trying to build a programme of discipling materials which last six months, spread over a year. The first week is an overview and summary of the rest of the course...

View the sample of Discovering life together
Equipping in concept


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