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The subject of Intergenerational Cells often arises when churches consider the question, " What shall we do with the children?" when transitioning into cell. May we strongly recommend that you take as much care over that decision as you do with the decision to transition, and take advantage of the resources available to you both in transitioning and moving on with Intergenerational Cells. Here is the opportunity to redeem what has been stolen from the Body of Christ e.g. the empowerment of parents a place for families to remain in tact within the church experiential learning for children (Deuteronomy 6 4-7) integration of children and young people within the body of Christ (John 17 "that they may be one": Psalm 133: modelling (1 Kings 8 25) the restoration of the generational blessing (Psalm 78 1-6) the interdependence of the generations (Samuel and Eli: Matthew 18.3) putting the lonely in families (Psalm 68.6) fathers to the fatherless Malachi 4 network evangelism ownership and inclusiveness for everyone (all ages).

Heirs Together The principles and practice of Intergenerational cells Essential reading for those who share the vision for the generations to grow, learn and experience kingdom life in the way |God intended. Heirs Together describes the how and the why of Intergenerational Cells and tackles many of the problems commonly encountered - encouraging the reader all the while with testimony from Daphne's home church which is reaping the blessing of being Heirs Together

Hand in Hand Sponsoring a child using Living with Jesus, an equipping track for children. Essential reading for anyone considering sponsoring a child, Hand in hand clearly describes the practical and spiritual implications of the relationship they are embarking on and explains how to make the best use of the material (Living with Jesus) which they will be exploring with the child.

Living with Jesus An equipping track for children. Eight books which build up into a complete discipleship course explaining concepts simply, with suggestions for putting faith into action, encouragement to pray together and opportunities to see God answer prayer. Living With Jesus will change both of you and help you "in all things to grow up into Him who is the Head, that is Christ"
Book 1 Welcome to God's Family
Book 2 Special Times and Gifts
Book 3 Talking and Listening
Book 4 Love for me and Love for others
Book 5 Strongholds
Book 6 What do we choose?
Book 7 Having faith
Book 8 Fighting together

When a Child asks to be Baptised A handbook for pastors, cell leaders, parents and sponsors. This book seeks to answer the many questions that are raised when a child asks to be baptised and to provide a clear and thorough explanation of the meaning and implications of baptism with step by step diagrams helping both adult and child to understand the biblical injunction to "repent and be baptised"

These may be hosted by local churches, forums, streams or denominations.  A manual is always used and the more people who attend from the church the greater will be the vision and anointing imparted to that church.

Basic seminar
This introductory seminar is visionary with a strong Biblical foundation. It is very practical having a strong emphasis on the outworking of the vision in each local church. It is essential for the senior leadership to attend so they can carry the vision to their own congregation. However the way forward is made so simple that anyone can participate in and lead intergenerational cells.
2nd seminar "One Step Further"
For churches who have had senior leadership attend the basic seminar, or who already have a good understanding of the Biblical foundations , values and practice of intergenerational cells. This seminar is very practical... including interaction, practical hands on experience and with the possibility of involving children in the greater part of it. It addresses issues such as network evangelism, prayer meetings for all ages,
sponsoring,  writing materials for the IG cell meeting,  equipping the
children, the Intergenerational celebration etc

Comments from delegates
" I found the seamier very challenging and exciting stuff! I feel intergenerational cells are certainly right and look forward to seeing them at work"
"I found the seminar very interesting and challenging stuff. I am very excited about what I believe is God's purpose for this nation and I will share the vision with the church. We are presently halfway through a pilot cell. Please pray that we can impart these values effectively"
"Thank you for sharing the vision and your heart with us. God has encouraged me in a new and refreshing way how to pray for my church and pastors. Again I do see God's honouring of the children. They are so valuable to Him"
"The manual is a precious tool and I am, excited about taking it back to my own country with me."
"Very challenging. It was such and amazing concept, exciting to see how much the children could be involved, encouraged and moving in their own ministries."
"I found the seminar very thought provoking and exciting. It challenged me to think about church and confirmed lots of things I feel God has been speaking to me about church and sharing His life. Being in the demonstration cell touched me. I find sharing the gospel hard.... and guess what was the topic for the cell! I felt Jesus meeting me in it. This will certainly benefit every age group!"
"Today I belong to a cell with adults only. I am now totally convinced  that it works to have children in the cell. And also that it is the heart of God that we are ONE family, or community"
"The teaching was very relevant, and I became aware of my need to have my mind renewed about the place of children in the midst of what God is doing"

Should you be interested in any of the above please contact
Daphne Kirk
The Lighthouse Centre
13, Lynn Road
Ely, Cambs CB7 4EG
United Kingdom
tel +44(0)1353 661685
fax +44(0)1353 662179
e-mail  : info@cellchurch.co.uk

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