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Arrival Kit Ralph Neighbour @ £3.80 each
Baptism (For Children) Daphne Kirk @ £1.00 each

Biblical Foundation Series

1. Knowing Jesus Christ As Lord Larry Kreider @ £2.00 each
3. What About Baptisms Larry Kreider @ £2.00 each
4. Building For Eternity Larry Kreider @ £2.00 each
5. Grace Grace Larry Kreider @ £2.00 each
6. Freedom From The Curse Larry Kreider @ £2.00 each
7. Learning To Fellowship With God Larry Kreider @ £2.00 each
8. The Local Church Larry Kreider @ £2.00 each
9. Authority _ Accountability Larry Kreider @ £2.00 each
10. God's Perspective On Finances Larry Kreider @ £2.00 each
11. Called To Minister Larry Kreider @ £2.00 each
12. The Great Commission Larry Kreider @ £2.00 each
Whole of above Biblical Foundation Series Larry Kreider @ £20.00 each
Breaking The Barrier @ £2.25 each
Building Awareness Opening Hearts Ralph Neighbour @ £3.30 each
Building Bridges Opening Hearts Ralph Neighbour @ £3.30 each
Building Groups Opening Hearts Ralph Neighbour @ £3.30 each
Cell It (Youth Manual) @ £4.00 each
Cell Leaders Intern Guide @ £6.99 each
Cell Leaders Intern Trainers Guide Ralph Neighbour @ £21.00 each
Cell Trak software 25 Mbr Version (Windows) @ £30.00 each
Children's Journey Guide Lorna Jenkins @ £1.45 each
Cover The Bible Ralph Neighbour @ £9.99 each
Discovering life together, discipling material. Mike Schorah Free of charge
Family Journeys Together Lorna Jenkins @ £5.00 each
Feed My Lambs Lorna Jenkins @ £7.99 each
Handbook To Successful Living @ £1.20 each
Home Cell Group Explosion Joel Comiskey @ £6.99 each
House To House Larry Kreider @ £6.95 each
I Factor Jim Egli/B Hoerr @ £3.80 each
I Factor Leader Guide Jim Egli/B Hoerr @ £5.00 each
Intergenerational Cell Manual Daphne Kirk @ £5.00 each
Intergenerational Tape Set Daphne Kirk @ £14.00
Keys For Positive Relationships @ £3.50 each
Leading Children's Cell Groups Lorna Jenkins @ £4.65 each
Life Basic Training Ralph Neighbour @ £5.50 each
Life In His Body David Finnell @ £6.35 each

Living With Jesus Series (suitable for use in children's cells)

1. Welcome To Gods Family Daphne Kirk @ £2.50 each
2. Special Times Daphne Kirk @ £2.50 each
3. Talking _ Listening (Hearing God) Daphne Kirk @ £2.50 each
4. Strongholds Daphne Kirk @ £2.50 each
5. What Do We Choose Daphne Kirk @ £2.50 each
6. Love for Me and Love for Others Daphne Kirk @ £2.50 each
7. Fighting Together Daphne Kirk @ £2.50 each
Whole of Living with Jesus Series Daphne Kirk @ £13.95 each
Lord's Supper/Prayer Daphne Kirk @ £3.99 each
New Believers Station Ralph Neighbour @ £3.20 each
Now I Follow Jesus Lorna Jenkins @ £2.25 each
Ordering Your Private World Gordon McDonald @ £7.99 each
Passion (Youth cell discipleship material) Paul Hopkins @ £2.50 each
Radical Renewal Howard Snyder @ £6.99 each
Relationships/Timothy Daphne Kirk @ £3.99 each
Second Reformation Bill Beckham @ £8.99 each
Shepherd Guidebook Ralph Neighbour @ £6.99 each
Sowing Reaping Keeping Laurence Singlehurst @ £3.99 each
Sponsors Guidebook Ralph Neighbour @ £3.99 each
Touching Hearts Ralph Neighbour @ £4.20 each
Two Winged Church Bill Beckham @ £7.99 each
Welcome To Your Changed Life Ralph Neighbour @ £1.10 each
Where Do We Go From Here? Ralph Neighbour @ £9.99 each
Your Journey Guide Ralph Neighbour @ £1.00 each
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