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Cell Church UK Issue 1 Winter 1998

The Definition of Cell Church


Like the human body, which is made up of millions of cells (the basic unit of life), the life of the cell-based church is also in its cells (small groups in community). In this context, believers actively seek a relationship with God, each other and unbelievers. Through these committed relationships, members encourage each other on to maturity in worship, edification, accountability and evangelism. This is community.


The focus becomes the cells. It is nearly impossible to nurture committed effective relationships in the context of a large group. The cell becomes the place where the community and relationship, ministry and evangelism develop most naturally and powerfully (Acts 2:42-47). A gathering of the cells for celebration joins each cell together as part of the larger body and provides corporate worship and times of teaching that bring the balance to the small group.

Every member in ministry

A fundamental belief is that all Christians should be growing in discipleship by being mentored and mentoring someone else. This provides discipleship and rapid growth at all levels of maturity. Mentoring helps to fulfil the biblical mandate for all Christians to be equipped for the work of ministry (Ephesians 4:11,12) and multiplies the discipleship process down into the cell. The result of all-member equipping and ministry is a natural lifestyle evangelism. Also the concept of every member in ministry encourages and validates those with a sense of market place ministry, breaking down the sacred/secular divide.

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