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Cell Church UK Issue 4 Summer 1999

Editorial by Andy Read

Welcome to the fourth issue of the UK Cell Church magazine. Thank you to those of you who have given us such positive feedback to the first three magazines. It seems that we are fulfilling a need as a resource and focal point to the growing number of churches exploring models of cell church across these islands.

In this edition we are seeking to address the subject that is coming to top of many people's agendas—and in many cases has been there for some little while. How can we put into practice what Bill Beckham terms an 'essential cell system'—Equipping? Some have tried out materials without really having a grasp of the goal to be pursued. Others have resisted using materials and systems that seemed to be culturally distanced from their own local situation. Still others have used materials successfully, with a clear idea of why and how—but are still asking questions as to whether there are better alternatives, more thinking to be done and so on.

Obviously this is a huge issue—and we haven't got a 'huge issue' in which to contain it! However, we hope this will open up the discussion on a broad level and help many of you to begin to take some more steps forward. Starting with Laurence Singelhurst's editorial, pointing out some of the pitfalls and opportunities in this area, we have sought to highlight some examples of good practice and new developments. In doing so we have endeavoured to be as practical as possible.

Jesus' command was to make disciples. Let's look at how we can fulfil that command more completely.

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