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ACT - Advanced Cell Training

Have you attended a cell church seminar, visited a growing cell church or read excellent books on cell ministry? These are great inspirational introductions to the cell model, but they won't give you the tools and knowledge to effectively transition your church to cell. Liz West, a leading exponent of cell in the UK, says, 'If only this training resource was available when we started six years ago we would have avoided pitfalls and progressed much faster. ACT provides the opportunity for deeper understanding, relevant training and ongoing support.'

At first glance, the cell model appears to be a small group strategy. Many churches have taken this approach, focusing on the creation and expansion of the number of groups. Within two years, these churches have lost momentum.

ACT teaches you the principles that all successful cell models are built on. ACT will show you how to create an integrated strategy resulting in the ongoing multiplication of leaders and groups in your church.

Areas to be covered include

Vision and values of cell
Prototype cells and their value
How does a cell work
The Biblical basis of cells
Equipping every member for ministry
Formation weekends
Developing an expanding base of leaders
Discerning and imparting vision
Cell evangelism
The changing role of central leadership
Cell supervision
Children in cells
Youth cells
Developing a strategy

Please contact Maureen Aidney for booking information.

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