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A major part of the cell church emphasis is that we must find a way to incorporate the whole Body of Christ into the one body. This means that we must place a high value on the role that children and young people play in the church.

This page links articles and resources on this aspect of cell life.

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Students nowadays face a huge number of pressures.

Amid the ongoing challenges of college or university, the right environment for them is essential. Amid increased pressure, they need the support of faithful, praying friends. Amid high expectations, they need the acceptance of God in a Spirit-charged atmosphere. Amid student culture, they need help to reach the lost and establish God's kingdom on their campus. Amid this new phase in their lives, they need all of our encouragement to fulfil the destiny God has given them.

That's what a Fusion Cell is all about. It's a small group. But it's more than that:

- a living community
- hands-on, grassroots, practical
- encouraging evangelism and discipleship
- designed for student leadership
- expected to multiply
- involving every member in ministry
- where Jesus is experienced


'Fusion is a unique tool for churches reaching out to students in the rapidly changing universities and colleges of today'
- Sandy Millar, Holy Trinity Brompton

'In our post-modern society, community and not meetings are the need of the day. Fusion cells are a significant tool for developing communities on campus'
- Steve Chalke, Oasis Trust

'The need for radical Christian discipleship in the student realm is critical. Fusion is an exciting new development and additional resource within the wider evangelical movement in universities'
- Fran Beckett, The Shaftesbury Society


'It's so good to have people who really care about me and will be ready at any moment to help me out and pray with me'

'One girl became a Christian and her life has totally changed. She's been set free from anti-depressants, drugs, drink abuse and she's never been so happy'

'Cell is where the real business with God takes place, where some of the rough edges of my character are knocked off - and where my passion for God is revived'

'Last week we had two stoned rugby boys turn up to cell, claiming to be atheists. We ended up praying for them'

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